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Ciderfest 2011! Part 1

Here are the photos I took at our ‘Ciderfest’ last year, preparing the apples, pressing them and treating the apple juice, it’s all very technical! This year it was at our good friend Claire’s house in Herstmonceux, she has such a gorgeous place! Again, I’m having to do this in two parts because there are too many images!

You can see the images from the previous year here and here… Enjoy!

Our cat, Alan

We went off for a final scrump before heading off to Claire’s

This is Harry, one MASSIVE dog!

Leon being silly

One teeny frog!

Setting up at Claire’s

This is our brillo friend Gina; “Quick! Take a photo so Claire knows I helped!”

Ross and I taken by Gina, I’d like to clarify that we were a bit hungover here, hence my droopy eyes! 😉

Raiding last year’s batch of finished cider!

Ross’ Megatron barbeque! He built this himself with an old motorbike engine that turns the spit!

I think we may have forgotten to check the pressure on this bottle!

Claire sorting the fairy lights

Me again! Taken by Ross

More apples!

Keeping everyone well fuelled! 

Part two will be up soon! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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